Relocating to Switzerland
• advice on best location and timing of relocation
• advice on tax status
• obtain residency and work permits
• advice on buying real property
• obtain mandatory Swiss health insurance coverage
or obtain approval for retaining foreign health
• international inheritance tax and estate issues
• etc.

Living in Switzerland
• tax planning
• preparation of annual income and net wealth tax returns
• pension and social security planning
• tax advice in connection with investment decisions
• estate planning
• obtain tax and social security rulings
• advice on equity based compensation
• etc.

Setting-up a business in Switzerland
• advice on choosing the right form of legal entity
• draft of legal documents required for the establishment
of the company
• co-ordination with lawyer, notary public, etc. when
establishing/incorporating your business and when
operating your business
• advice on labour law when hiring staff
• advice on insurances required and recommend
additional insurance
• payroll advice and execution for up to 5 employees (or
co-ordination with payroll services provider)
• advice on tax effective compensation
• design of expense policies
• advice on financial statements and co-ordination with
• obtain tax and social security rulings
• etc.

Leaving Switzerland
• advice on timing of relocation abroad
• advice on taxation, legal aspects, pension, etc. in the
other country (in co-ordination with an advisor in the
other country)
• advice about and assistance with selling Swiss real property/businesses
• tax compliance (year of departure tax return, real
estate capital gains tax return, etc.)
• advice and compliance for real estate retained in
Switzerland while living abroad
• etc.
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Photo by Carlo Lengacher