CL Private Tax Solutions is a Swiss based tax and legal consulting company.

"Your tax and legal issues are taken personally"

Virtually every investment decision or move in today's mobile
world has tax and legal consequences, and typically income taxes
are the single greatest expenditure of an individual. As a result
tax merits significant planning. You can be rest assured that, with
CL Private Tax Solutions, effective tax planning opportunities will be
explored to the full to minimise your tax liability.

CL Private Tax Solutions consciously focuses on a select range of
clientele in order to provide the highest standards of personal
service and in-depth focus for each client.
Clients - and their families - are accompanied for years,
both in continuing services like tax planning and in periodic or
one-off advice on pension planning, the purchase of real estate or
estate planning.

CL Private Tax Solutions has a wealth of expertise in-house.
It is a member of a fully independent networks
of local and internationally recognised lawyers, notary publics,
asset managers and VAT experts. CL Private Tax Solutions can offer
or arrange services on a global basis and across all aspects of an
individual's or small businesses' financial issues.

So, whether your tax affairs are straight forward or more
complex, CL Private Tax Solutions can provide you with a first class service
at affordable "value for money" prices.
Private Tax Solutions
Photo by Carlo Lengacher
Carlo M. Lengacher
Treuhänder mit eidg.
Fachausweis (Certified

- over 32 years of   
- 15 years with CL Private
Tax Solutions
- 10 years with an
international "Big4"
accounting firm
- 2 years service with the
Swiss tax authorities
- 6 years with a local
accounting firm
- various short and long
term assignments in
Bern, Pittsburgh PA,
Zurich, New York, Basel
and Williamsburg VA